I have a question!

When I travel to another CEPT country, I can operate using a reciprocal license, e.g. As DE/M0YNG OR EI/M0YNG

How does this apply to #DMR? do I need to register a new ID?

What about #aprs? Do I need to change my callsign? Will things like aprs.fi understand it's still/also me?

Would a message to M0YNG-5 also get delivered to EI/M0YNG-5?
Would anyone watching me cross a border see me stop and a new thing appear? Or one thing carry on?


@M0YNG I think it's one of those things where accuracy takes a back seat to practicality. I have a similar issue here - I use VA7YK in Canada, but because I'm not a Canadian citizen, whenever I go to the states I switch to my UK call M0VKG as I'm covered under CEPT.

APRS is a fickle beast at the best of times as well - depending on the radio (or APRS client) messages sent to M0YNG-<x> might not be picked up by M0YNG-<y> - it's all down to the receiver.

Amateur radio - always complicated 😄

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